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Veterans Alternative is now providing services in Tampa. Through a partnership with the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA, Veterans Alternative will be offering free Accelerated Resolution Therapy to Veterans and Military Personnel with Post-Traumatic Stress and/or Traumatic Brain Injury. Veterans Alternative Tampa offices are located at 1905 N. Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33602. Scheduling will be convenient and flexible to meet your needs. Our hours of operation are 9am-4pm Monday through Friday, but we are able to make appointments for nights and weekends as needed. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call us at 727-710-8387 or email Betsy@VeteransAlternative.org.

Who We Are

Veterans Alternative is a 501(c)(3) that provides services to Combat Veterans and their spouses. Combat Veterans include Military members and Veterans who have served in a deployed location during conflict or war. After serving in Afghanistan as a detachment Senior Special Forces engineer with the Army’s elite 7th Special Forces Group, CEO/Founder Brian Anderson came home and was met with two realizations. The first was transition back into civilian life was much more difficult than he’d imagined. The second was finding effective treatments for the invisible wounds of war was even harder. Armed with a new mission, Brian and his team created Veterans Alternative as a way to provide effective alternative therapies.


Avoiding isolation and building meaningful relationships is extremely important.


An empowered life starts with sound physical, mental, and emotional health.


The ability to care for oneself and weather difficult times is vital to long term success.

A Message from the Founder/CEO

– Brian Anderson

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"Transitioning from the military to civilian life is incredibly tough. Very few people get it. Veterans Alternative does get it, and they have created an environment and community to support a Veteran's transition."


"I was able to look at situations in my life in a totally different way and able to come up with a positive outlook on a bad situation."


"I experienced benefits after my first A.R.T. session, it has been the most effective therapy in treating and resolving the many combat related traumas haunting my daily life."


"I was apprehensive at first because I never liked the idea of talking to shrinks, but with A.R.T., there was no pressure and I didn't have to go into depth about my feelings or problems. Awesome results after just the first session."


Veterans Alternative

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