Our Mission

The mission of the Veterans Alternative is to provide alternative modalities to improve the quality of life for our Military and Veteran populations.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of alternative treatments for our Military and Veteran populations.

To become a leading influence for the DOD, VA, Veteran service organizations and legislators related to the effective treatment of post-traumatic and transitional stress.

Our Values

Courage: Placing the mission first in our journey takes courage and commitment to one another and to ourselves. Courage directs us to persevere through the toughest obstacles.

Honor: Accepting our accomplishments and failures with honor and respect personally and for those around us.

Accountability: An obligation to accept responsibility and account for one’s actions and future. Accountability is our organization’s responsibility in transparency and quality of services.

Selfless Service: Placing the mission first and maintaining a healthy balance so we can choose the right azimuth even when no one is around and without regard to our own personal benefit.

Community: Engaging and growing the tribe of Military, Veterans, their families and the communities around them.


1750 Arcadia Road, Holiday, FL 34690
727-939-8387 | info@veteransalternative.org