The March Home is a weekly online series dedicated to bringing Veteran services and concerns to our community.

Episode 28  More interviews with the great people at SHOT Show, there was a lot of great groups here and a lot of support for the veteran community.

Episode 25  Bob Sebastian from the Hooah Foundation is here talking to us about the amazing things his group is doing to bring down the number of Veteran suicides.  Brian and Amy recap 2017.

Episode 26 - January 18, 2018  New legislation for veterans is coming to Florida, in this episode I break what these bills mean to you and why new legislation is important, the second segment I had the amazing opportunity to talk with Senator René García and House Representative Danny Burgess about what they are working towards to help Veterans.

Episode 27 - January 25, 2018  We are at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, we had an amazing time speaking with some great people. Anthony Pace of Freedom Hunters, and Trae Johnson, of Ares Firearms, Thank you to everyone for a great time in Las Vegas

Episode 22  Brian and Amy discuss the Veterans Alternative Freedom Fest held on November 10th and 11th, and share highlights of the event.  Plus they interview Kenny Thomas, Country Singer and Army Ranger.

Episode 23 Guest Benjamin Smith and Brian talk about their trip to DC to discuss transition.  Plus he talks with the transition team.

Episode 24  Brian and Amy talk with Dana Douglas and Tina Aldridge with Patriot Service Dogs.  Meet 12 week old puppy Eagle, service dog in training.

Episode 19 Brian at the CARE Coalition Conference.  Bryce and Rod with the Darby Project.

Episode 20 Guest Angie with The Green Beret Foundation and Brian at the Waterville Clubhouse.  

Episode 21  Brian at the CARE Coalition. Guest Angie with the Green Beret Foundation.

Episode 16 with guests Jenna Miller and Carla Staats with Quantum Leap Farm.

Episode 17 with Veterans Alternative's Staff - Kashi Heynis - Retreat Coordinator and Alison Voison - Clinical Director.  Also on this episode, Lanie the creator of Accelerated Resolution Therapy.

Episode 18 with guest Dana Douglas with Woof Program.  (Women Offering Obedience and Friendship) and Toni Gross with American Gold Star Mothers of Tampa.

Episode 13 with guests Scott Macksam with Veterans Art Center of Tampa Bay Plus learn more about Hero - Brian's Service Dog and the "etiquette" of interacting with Service Dogs.

Episode 14 with Romi from Stay In Step.

Episode 15 with guests Jenna Miller and Carla Staats with Quantum Leap Farm and Sean Arnts Sgt. Mgr. with the Green Beret Foundation.

Episode 10 with guests Julie Drexel Sanderson CEO of Patriot Service Dogs and Tiers Arnts with the Green Beret Foundation.

Episode 11 with guest Jill Stephenson - Gold Star Mother. 

Episode 12 with guests Brian Wilson President of Special Forces Association and James Hunsberger Veteran and Technical Director for MyNetworkOne.

Episode 7 with guests Tony Williams with Veterans Counseling Veterans and Brian's Family.

Episode 8  with guest Anna from the Camaraderie Foundation and Rick with Concerned Veterans for America.

Episode 9 with guests Laura Hartman - Veteran and on location with Bruce Flowler at Fowler's Farm in Vermont.

Episode 4 with guests Scott from Rock Bottom Divers, he helps veterans learn to and get certified in, diving. His shop is ran and operated by nothing but veterans as well. Amber Duonnolo is from Future Plans Pasco and wants to help you make your plans after getting out of the Military, but that is not all she does, she can also help with highschoolers also.

Episode 5  - We had a fantastic opportunity to go to Orlando for the Veterans Transition Task Force for Congressman Congressman Gus Bilirakis

Episode 6 with guests Alison Voison and Kashi Heynis.

Episode 1 with guests Janel Norton - Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Veterans Alternative and Randy Swallows, a Veterans making huge strides in the real estate business.

Episode 2 with guests Craig Gross, founder and CEO of Frankie's Patriot BBQ in Clearwater FL and, Christopher Blaine a veteran making huge strides in the law field.

Episode 3 with guests Alison Voisin, the clinical director at the Veterans Alternative, and Ben Smet a veteran making strides in the medical field.


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