Mission, Vision, Values


To empower Veterans by providing effective alternative therapies and community engagement.


To be the leading provider of alternative treatments for Military and Veteran populations.

To become a leading influence for the DOD, VA, Veteran service organizations and legislators related to the effective alternative treatment of post-traumatic and transitional stress.


Courage: Placing the mission first takes courage and commitment to one another and to ourselves. Courage directs us to persevere through the toughest obstacles.

Honor: Accepting accomplishments and failures with honor and respect, personally and for those around us.

Accountability: An obligation to accept responsibility and account for one’s actions and future. Accountability is Veterans Alternatives responsibility in transparency and quality of services.

Selfless Service: Choosing the right azimuth even when no one is around and without regard to personal benefit.

Community: Engaging and growing the tribe of Military, Veterans, their families and the communities around them.

Veterans Alternative

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